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Kool handlin – Retractable dog leash

Kool Handlin is a 1.2 metre retractable training leash/lead that rethinks the way you control and train your dog… No matter what size it is...
Unlike a Halti harness that goes around a dog’s shoulders and chest, and with which you then clip a leash/lead to a ring on the chest strap, we’ve designed the Kool Handlin leash/lead to work much the way a bitless bridle works on a horse.
There’s a loop of ultra-strong nylon webbing that you twist into a figure of eight (infinity loop). You place this over your dog’s nose and round beneath its ears, and pass the straps back through a clip that pushes onto your dog’s own collar. And that’s it.
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Kool Leadin - Retractable Dog Leash/Lead

Kool Leadin is a lightweight, retractable, 2 metre dog leash/lead. It's pocket size. Even for small pockets. Yet it's strong enough for a pretty big dog.
How? Well, we went back to basics and took apart a few retractable leashes. Actually, we took apart every leash we could find.
And they were all designed the same way. When your feisty and energetic dog decides to pull, all of the load gets taken onto the steel retractor spring.
So you have to have a big, sturdy spring, in a large and heavy casing. Ugh.
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Kool Tidy - Earphone carrier

Kool Tidy is our light, retractable carrier that rolls up your pair of earphones and headphones in a second. No kinked cables. No wiry mess.
You bring the earphones. We bring an amazing retractable carrier spool that coils up your cables (even flat tapes) in a second and stores them safely and tidily for you.

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