Tidy Buddy No kinks. No knots. Ever so Kool.


Keep your earphones untangled. Keep your bag tidy. Snap-wind your pair of earphones or headphones onto the light, organic form Tidy Buddy carrier. Then pull them out ready to go again.

Tidy Buddy is our light, retractable carrier that rolls up your pair of earphones and headphones in a second. No kinked cables. No wiry mess.

You bring the earphones: We bring an amazing retractable carrier spool that coils up your cables (even flat tapes) in a second and stores them safely and tidily for you.


Take off your earphones, fold them in two, slip the bend over the hook on the spool, and push the button on the side.

Your phones wind instantly into the Tidy Management System on the spool, leaving just the buds protruding.

When you want them again, release the button and pull them out.

No kinks. No knots. Smart. Good for your earphones. Ever so Kool.